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August 15, 2022

Sergio Luis Fornazin Junior, 28 from Brazil, is making
another move into his International Rodeo Carrier.

by Matheus Mariano / August 1st, 22

This professional team roper from Santa Barbara D’ Oeste, São Paulo, Brazil. Now 28, the Empire Country
native is making his move on the international professional rodeo trail for one more year. He’s been mixing it
up with the best in the sport for the last few years, having big accomplishments and winnings in regional rodeos
associations and local rodeos roping. This year (2022) has his sights set on big things Heading for the best in
the business.
“I didn’t have money a horse and didn’t speak the language when I first got here but I had a dream in my heart
and that’s what I followed” - Fornazin words

The International Professional Team roper is coming on hot in the IPRA (international professional rodeo
association) this season. Fornazin is currently setting 8th in the standings at the moment and he is among the
15 best headers in the US for the world championship run. Junior would be the first Brazilian Team Roper to
make the IFR (international finals rodeo) this year in Guthrie, Ok but he will need to keep chasing this dream
with 3 more official months of competition ahead.

“I wasn’t able to buy a good head horse ready to go but I had a chance to buy this special young 3yrs old horse
(“God gift”) which I broke and trained for 3 years and finally I have been able to take him with me for this
year. This is his first rodeo season and he is doing an amazing job. What a blessed horse” - Fornazin said

Junior has built an amazing career during 21 years dedicated to the Team Roping industry. Mr. Fornazin
earned during his entire carrier; 44 Motorcycles, 2 Cars, 1 pick up Truck And more than Half million in money prizes(motorcycles and cars are often prizes in Brazil) “It’s been a “hard” good 5 years competing here in the
US. I have been patient and I have learned a lot. I am focused on my career and on my goals as a team roper for this year. I am feeling this is the year that everything is coming together and I am chasing this IPRA title more than ever” - Fornazin words. 

The International Professional Rodeo Association wishes the best luck to the Brazilian Cowboy
Mr. Fornazin in his 2022 Championship season run.