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Twister Trailer is New IPRA Sponsor for Stock Contractor of the Year Award

January 19, 2018

The International Professional Rodeo Association wishes to thank Twister Trailer for their support of the IPRA and the 48th Annual International Finals Rodeo.

Twister Trailer which began in 1998 prides itself on quality and durability, as well as innovation. Their tagline is ‘If you can dream it, Twister can build it.’  Twister is a trailer manufacturer headquartered in Fort Scott, Kansas which supplies to several major retailers across the United States. The company produces several lines of trailers, from a Select Series line with a custom feel but budget price, to entirely custom creations of boundless possibility. From fully-equipped horse trailers, tough stock trailers and even cargo trailers, Twister puts in the work to ensure its customers can go down the road ready for anything. That’s what makes their support of the International Professional Rodeo Association so valuable. New for IFR48 the recently crowned 2017 Stock Contractor of the Year, Hampton Rodeo Company, will receive a powerful Twister stock trailer to take on the rodeo road for 2018.

Twister Trailer has a strong connection to the IPRA with the company president, Stewart Gulager. As a steer wrestler in the IPRA, Gulager is a former world champion and IFR winner who has qualified to compete at this year’s IFR48 for his tenth trip as a top-15 contestant in the world standings.

Forming a supportive relationship between the company and the IPRA, as well as the entire sport of rodeo and Western lifestyle, is intrinsic to the mission of Twister Trailer. “We like to align ourselves with [organizations] that are big in rodeo and give back, so I can’t think of a better association that we would want to be involved with,” says Ryan Robinson, marketing director for Twister Trailer.
And their involvement has made a positive impact on Hampton Rodeo Company this year. “I was really excited to hear that they were sponsoring a trailer this year. I will put it to good use,” enthuses Stock Contractor, Kevin Hampton who expressed his gratitude.  So keep your eye out for the sleek trailer from Twister Trailer as the 2018 IPRA season picks up steam…