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WCRA Corpus Christi

March 4, 2021

Dear Athletes,
WCRA remains committed to providing tremendous earning potential for Rodeo Athletes worldwide. 2021 is no different.
This information should answer many of the questions you may have regarding our upcoming Triple Crown of Rodeo events in 2021. In addition, it also outlines numerous improvements that may affect you directly.
Feel free to contact us any time with questions at 833-213-WCRA. We have a team of knowledgeable people ready and willing to help!
Rodeo Corpus Christi (RCC) is scheduled for May 3-9, and it will be one of the richest rodeos this summer, paying out $545,000. Frontier Rodeo Company remains the primary Stock Contractor for this rodeo.
2021 Rodeo Corpus Christi - Prize Money:
• Rodeo Corpus Christi (RCC) has nearly TRIPLED its added prize money from 2019 and will be one of the largest payout rodeos this summer, at $545,000 with NO ENTRY FEES to those who qualify!
o RCC has attempted to get approval from both the PRCA and WPRA, but unfortunately both organizations have declined to sanction the event.
• Links to all RCC Ground Rules:
o WCRA Qualifying Rounds
o WCRA Major Ground Rules
o WCRA Rules of Competition
VRQ Points and Nominating:
• Nominating and earning points has never been better!
• As of December 1, 2020, WCRA restructured its point system for all Divisions (1-5 and DY) o While we still award Competition Points to paid positions, first place points (in the go rounds and the finals/average) will remain the same, regardless of the number of paid places at the event ▪ Example: first place for a Division 1 go round now awards 400 points, regardless of how many places were paid at the event o WCRA also added a Division 5 to the VRQ for any events that payout less than $5,000 ▪ Nominations for D5/DY level events is $25 per nomination. • To win a D5/DY go round, 50 total points would be awarded o EXAMPLE: If you won 10th place at a D5/DY event (with 10 paid places – essentially the lowest level of competition), you would receive 14.5 points
MINIMUM Triple Crown of Rodeo VRQ Point Requirement: With the launch of the new VRQ point structure in December, WCRA is requiring all athletes to earn a minimum amount of points to be eligible to compete at TCR events without penalty. • Open athletes must earn a minimum of 15 points • Youth athletes must earn a minimum of 7 points o EXAMPLE: If an athlete qualifies to compete in a TCR event on the Leaderboard or as an alternate, BUT has not met this minimum point threshold, they will be required to pay a $300 penalty fee. o To view the RCC (TCR) ground rules, follow this link HERE.
Segment 7 – VRQ Leaderboard Qualifications:
• The following athletes from the Segment 7 Leaderboard as of April 11, 2021, that have earned the minimum required VRQ points, will be eligible to enter Rodeo Corpus Christi:
o Riding Event Qualifications:
▪ up to Top 30 athletes
o Timed Events Qualifications:
▪ Open
• up to Top 64 athletes
▪ Youth
• up to Top 12 athletes
o Athletes below the qualifications or below the minimum required VRQ points threshold will be eligible to enter as an alternate and be subject to the penalty
▪ To view the current weeks leaderboard, follow this link HERE.
• As of Friday, February 26, the total number of athletes per discipline that have earned the minimum required points for Segment 7 in each discipline are:
o Bareback – 24
o Saddle Bronc – 20
o Bull Riding – 26
o Steer Wrestling – 37
o Heading – 18
o Heeling – 15
o Barrel Racing – 59
o Tie-Down – 38
o Breakaway Roping – 62
o Steer Roping – 52
New and Improved VRQ Weekly Bonus Program:
• We have added a NEW separate VRQ Weekly Bonus for the Riding Events!
• This brings the total VRQ Weekly Bonus opportunity to over $3,000 awarded each week
o The highest point earners in each Division for both Timed Event and Riding Event athletes are eligible for the bonuses.
▪ Follow this link for complete details HERE.
With only 43 days remaining until Segment 7 ends for Rodeo Corpus Christi, we encourage all of you to NOMINATE NOW and qualify for one of the biggest Rodeos in 2021. Don't wait to earn your points to compete at the first 2021 WCRA Major Rodeo! Remember, this is the first stop of the 2021 Triple Crown of Rodeo and YOUR opportunity to win the $1 million Triple Crown of Rodeo Bonus!
If you have any questions, you can reach our team at 833-213-WCRA or by email at
We look forward to seeing you in Corpus Christi!