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Keven Daniel


2021 World Champion

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HOMETOWN: Ocala, FL                                               AGE: 42


“Winning my 4th gold buckle was surreal to me,” said Daniel.  “It was 22 years ago that I won my first world title and to come back and win another world title after several years was very special.”

“It was a blessed year for me.  I went up north to rodeos starting in Michigan and working my way to Oklahoma and then back to Florida.  I got to rope with a lot of old friends that are awesome partners.”

“I can’t pick just one rodeo that was my favorite of the season,” said Keven.  “There were several that have a great heritage, N. Washington, PA, New Windsor, IL, Miami, OK, these rodeos are icons in the IPRA.  Lake Odessa, MI’s rodeo has a beautiful setting on a lake and had such a cool atmosphere, I’d like to go back there again.”

“Adam Plyler and I had roped together on and off for a few years.  I called him last May and asked him if he wanted to rope together again.  In June we started back roping together.  He’s a really good partner and we get along great.”

“I’ve got 3 of the best horses I’ve ever had,” Daniel said.  “JW is 20 years old, I bought him in ’12 in California, he has a special place in mine and my wife’s hearts.  I bought Marshall from Sam Stamper in Oklahoma, he’s a freak of nature.  I ride him in the bigger set-ups, he has a cool personality.  Walt is 16 years old, he’s just a winner and he helps me win.  I’m so blessed to have all three in my trailer.”

“I plan to just take the ’22 season month by month and see how everything goes.  Fuel prices keep going up and that’s going to play a big part in much I travel.”