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Whether you are a rodeo competitor or just love to cheer on your favorite cowboy or cowgirl the International Professional Rodeo Association has a membership for you!

The IPRA offers our regular membership to those who compete and work behind the scenes. For those that love the rodeo but do not compete, the IPRA offers an Associate Membership with special benefits.

How To Join

  • For your Pro Card, Youth, Specialty Act or Permit, etc., download and complete the IPRA Membership Application. You can email applications to
    • *IMPORTANT* - Membership MUST be bought BEFORE the first performance of any rodeo for points to be counted for said rodeo. (Can be purchased at rodeo.)
    • For a minor release please see the above "IPRA Membership Application" link: Second page, at the bottom. 
    • Please refer to the IPRA 59th Revised Edition Rule Book, begining on page 6, for a full description of each card.
    • For Region clarification, see pages 130-132 in the above IPRA 59th Revised Edition Rule Book. 
    • Note that Permits and Youth cards ARE NOT eligible to obtain points and/or qualify for the IFR Finals.
    • When filling out a membership application, use the name you prefer to go by. The name you put on your application is what will go into the IPRA system and be printed on your card.
  • To support the IPRA with additional benefits, download and complete the IPRA Associate Membership Application.
  • Here is the IPRA Canadian Membership 2020 - English or  2020 IPRA Canadian Permit Membership Here is the French Version - IPRA Canada carte de Membre 2020 - Version Franc╠žaise.
    • *Note this is different from a full card. Canadians can choose between the two options.
    • For more information, visit the IPRA Canada Website.
  • Send membership applications in: If paying by credit card, please fax or email your application and credit card number to the IPRA office or call to pay by phone *AFTER* submitting your completed application.
  • If paying by check or money order, mail in your application to the address on the application.

If you have any questions, please call 405-235-6540 or Email: