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Reigning World Champions

Jodi Colton Photo

Jodi Colton

Hometown: Manchester, TN
Age: 21

Jodi Colton dominated the world standings and had an unbeatable lead coming into IFR48. “I had a lot less stress coming into the finals this year,” said Jodi. “I get really stressed at big events, so it was better, I still got nervous though.”

“Winning the world title meant a lot to me. I do not have any family that rodeo. I have an English riding background and grew up with a single mom; I always had to work at the barns for my stall rent. So it’s a huge accomplishment for me and the fact I did it all myself.”

“I went to the summer fair rodeos this year. I didn’t know how she’d do in those smaller arenas and at first it was terrible. But when she figured out the small patterns we started doing really good. I had noticed over the summer that I was getting a lead but tried not to look at it.”

“I won the National All-Region Finals again this year and they announced that I had the world championship won. I was pretty emotional,” said Jodi. “I hadn’t realized I had that kind of a lead.”

“I’m finishing up my college degree in a few months and hopefully getting my career started,” said Jodi. 

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