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Jake Edwards Photo

Jake Edwards


2021 World Champion

Team Roping Heeler 

Hometown:  Ft. Ann, NY                                            AGE:  22


Edwards grew up in New York state in a rodeo family.  “I started roping off a horse when I was 7 or 8 years old, before that, I was always carrying a rope wherever I went.  My mother roped and ran barrels, and my dad was a bull rider, so I grew up in the sport.”

“I was leading the IPRA world standings but was sure they would pass me.  I was thrilled when I found out that I held on and won it,” said Jake.  “I went to 40-45 IPRA rodeos last year.  I have moved to Texas, but my family still lives in New York, so I went up there in June and stayed for about 75 days.  There are a lot of weekly rodeos you can go to.  I was able to stay with my family and make a bunch of close rodeos.  It worked out great.”

“My favorite rodeo in the northeast is Attica, NY, North Washington, PA is also a great rodeo.  I took three horses up there with me and was riding my 3rd string horse.  He got to really doing good and ended up being my number 1 horse when we left.”