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Austin Joseph Photo

Austin Joseph

Hometown: Benton, KY
Age: 30

With six previous IFR appearances under his belt, Austin Joseph felt his experience helped him hold off rookie Raymond Hostetler. “Raymond had a chance to pass me if he had a good finals. I knew he rode really well and I was concerned,” said Joseph. “I think my experience gave me the edge. I remember my IFR as a rookie, it was rough.”

“I knew most of the horses I had to get on at the finals. I drew one of Hampton’s horses as a re-ride in the fourth round and won second. You can’t be disappointed with any horse you draw from Hampton Rodeo Company,” said Austin.

“The high point of my season was going to St. Tite, without a doubt. Winning the Canada Cup and St. Tite were amazing,” said Austin. “I love the watch I won there, it’s really special.”

“Winning the gold buckle was so bittersweet to me,” said Austin. “I lost my father on November 23, 2017 and this was the first IFR I competed at that he was not by my side. He was my biggest fan and supported me in everything I did. He taught me to love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, I wouldn’t be where I am today without that. He is deeply missed.”

“2017 was a roller coaster year for me,” said Joseph. “I have IFR49 on my radar. I want to go to as many of the early rodeos as I can and try to get a lead built up and go from there.”

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