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2019 World Champions

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Matt Dewetering Photo

Matt Dewetering

Matt Dewetering

2019 World Champion Steer Wrestler
Hometown:  Mitchell, ON              AGE:  26 

Matt came into IFR50 in second place and left the Lazy E Arena with a gold buckle in his hand.  “I definitely had winning the world title on my mind during the year.  The Canadian Finals started my year off and then the IFR finished it up great.” 

“This buckle means that all the blood, sweat, tears, miles traveled and all of the practice was worth it.  I live about an hour north of Michigan so I kept a very busy schedule traveling back and forth to rodeos all season.” 

“My horse, Smokey, was voted Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year.  He loves his job and he was a Rockstar all season for me,” said Matt. 

“I’ve got a full-time job now working for the Township of Adelaine-Metcalfe so that will change my rodeo schedule in 2020.  I still plan to make the IFR again and go to all of the big rodeos I went to in 2019.  The partnership the IPRA has with the WCRA is a gamechanger and I plan to go to some of them as well.” 

“My advice I would give to a young cowboy starting out is “never think the goals you set are too big, watch the people you surround yourself with, you become who you travel with, so make sure they are successful and positive people.”