IPRA Two Event Cowgirl, Megan Rinehart

By:  Tammie Hiatt


Megan Rinehart of Guys, TN hopes to have two chances hearing her name called at IFR44.  Qualifying for the barrel racing at IFR42 and in the breakaway roping at IFR43, this is the first time she is looking at dual event qualifications.


“The IFR wasn’t even a thought to me earlier in the year.  My mare tore a tendon in her left hind leg in the spring and has been out all year.  The vet just told me I could start legging her up, so I’m anxious to get back on her,” said Megan.


“In June I bought a little bay gelding from a girl in Alabama.  I had seen the horse before but didn’t know that much about him.  She let me lease him for two weeks to see if I liked him before I bought him.  He’s way different from my mare Gracie, who is race bred.  Peppy is Peppy San Badger breeding and is only 14.3 hands tall.”


“Peppy is a very consistent horse, and I really like that about him.  You just point and kick.  My mare is a lot harder to ride, you have to ride her into the barrels with two hands, with Peppy, I just need to stay out of his way,” she said.  “I really think you could just leave the reins lay on his neck and he would run the pattern.”


“The deep ground really gets us since he is so small.  He does great in big pens, which really surprised me about him and he likes hard ground,” said Rinehart.


“My breakaway horse is also my back-up barrel horse.  I’ve had Cisco since 2005.  I got him when I was a sophomore in college to run barrels on.  He’s pretty hot blooded so my husband, Mitch, started roping on him to give him something else to do.  He’s turned into a good roping horse that I can run barrels on if I need to.  I rope better on him than anything else.  I’m a left handed roper, so that makes it a little harder,” she said.


“I have to say Monticello, IL is my favorite IPRA rodeo.  I’ve entered it twice now and have won second both years.  This year I won around $1,100 there.  The first year I went I was riding Gracie and this year I was riding Peppy.  This is my “confidence” rodeo, both times I’ve been on new horses and have done well,” said Megan.


“I haven’t roped as well this year as I have before.  My passion is running barrels and pampering my barrel horses.  I don’t feel that way about my roping or my roping horse,” Megan said.  “I like working two events at the rodeos though, it keeps me busy.  It’s not demanding physically on me and mentally I know that I have another chance to get a check if one run didn’t go well.  I guess my second event is my backup plan.”


Rinehart is a high school teacher at Adamsville, TN.  “I am the Business Tech teacher.  I teach computer apps and web design.  I am also the yearbook advisor, so that keeps me pretty busy.  I’ve been teaching for 6 years and I like teaching at the high school level.  It has its ups and downs, but it accommodates my rodeo schedule, so it’s the best of both worlds.”


“Since I do teach, we have to stay pretty close to home.  We try to travel farther over the 4th of July.  We usually go to Michigan and this year we went to North Washington, PA.,”  said Rinehart.


“I’m sitting 14th in the barrels and 13th in the breakaway roping.  I’m really not nervous about being on the bubble, if I get to the IFR that will be great.  I’m going to a few more rodeos this month to try and win a little more.  I just found out Mitch has to have surgery on his arm and that may change my travel plans.  He’s going to be out of commission for about 6 weeks,” commented Megan.


“Considering the IFR wasn’t even on my radar, I’d say it’s been a good year,” said Megan.


For more information on the International Finals Rodeo visit www.ifrodeo.com.


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